I am a former software developer who in retirement has become a citizen historian and community webmaster. Many health care providers can reach out to me: my PCP (Primary Care Physician), his hospital system, my health insurance organization, the chain drugstore that manages my prescriptions, and more. Medicare and our Cuyahoga County government email me.

Folks my age (I'm in my 80s) will be vaccinated before most people. That's about all I know. I worry because I do not know who, when it is my turn, will tell me to come for it. Imagine being at an airport waiting for your flight, but not knowing when it departs and and not knowing who to call for flight information.

Of course I could contact all my health care providers and ask them, but I don't want to burden an already overloaded health care system.

To ask for some long-overdue leadership in providing vaccination information I created this simple web site. When there is a reliable link for vaccination information to show on our Homepage, I will display it.

Best wishes for good health to all who read this.


Arnold Berger

Cleveland, Ohio  January 5, 2021









 Not politcally connectedOur state government did so well informing us of the pandemic's progress/ Governor DeWine was widely acclaimed for his crisis leadership. . Governor , has long known that help, in the form of a vaccine, was on its way Why the lack of preparedness? Why is there no reliable public information on vaccination priorities and delivery, leaving us anxious and possibly reacting to what is not true?






CELEBRATING Friends of Shaker Square, founded 1976, and its successor the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation. For 36 years they worked hard to keep our historic neighborhood diverse and strong.


ASKING "How can we who live or work here assure a vital Shaker Square area without an organization focused on keeping our neighborhood healthy and promoting it?

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